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I am Fabio Frigeri,
Web Developer
From Italy

About Me

I'm a web Developer

I am passionate about object-oriented programming, new technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchains, photography and digital music

Let's talk a little about work!

My favorite IDE environment is definitely Visual Studio Code but I'm in love with Atom at the same time.

As a technology stack I prefer LAMP and develop mainly on a Macbook Pro M1 2021.

The languages ​​I use for my projects are mainly: PHP, PYTHON, HTML, CSS, XLM and JS.

My favorite CMS is Wordpress (where I develop plugins, custom templates and various modules from scratch).

My favorite framework for advanced development is undoubtedly Laravel which nowadays allows modular and scalable development.

At the database level I mainly use Postgresql and Mysql on Linux or virtual machines. However, I prefer the migrations method to create databases and tables.

As a web server I prefer the good old Apache.

I often use versioning software like Git and Slack to communicate with colleagues when developing complex projects.

Lately I have been interested in computer security, pentesting and programming on single board computers (such as Raspberry PI) for developing computer applications integrated home automation.

I am also studying to obtain the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification as Web Services cloud developer!

My Skills:

  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 70%
  • 90%
  • 75%
  • 70%
  • 70%
  • 75%
  • 90%
  • 80%
    Kali / Fedora
  • 99%
    Mac OSX
  • 90%
  • 70%
    Debian, Lineage, Ubuntu


Education and Training


UX Designer

Laboribus (PD)

UX Design professional refresher course (90 hours) organized by Laborius of Padua.

Courses based on theoretical-practical topics relating to the study, design and development of the User Experience based on the most recent technologies and development methods.


Multimedia communication technician

Eduforma (PD)

Specialist Work Experience: Multimedia Communication Technician
Professional training course of 670 hours of which 480 of internship organized by Eduforma of Padua.


Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technologist

University of Ferrara - Italy

Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication Technologist at University of Ferrara

Thesis: “The future of interactive audiovisual” – Teacher Giovanni Ganino - Vote : 100/110


Expert in internet network management and production of multimedia materials


F.S.E. Course for experts in internet network management and production of multimedia materials
700 hour course of which 500 of internship organized by the Rovigo Chamber of Commerce.


Workshop Fiction

Bologna, youth policies department

Fiction course organized by the youth policies department of the municipality of Bologna.
200-hour course organized for the creation of short films with prominent teachers such as Enza Negroni and Fabio Bianchini.

lastest works

Latest Works in progress

May, 2023

Ristorante Alloggi Ca Scirocco

Lodging restaurant in the Pò Delta, in rustic style, with a museum of ancient crafts, a riding school and a botanical garden.
The restaurant is based on a mix of professionalism and familiarity, of that warmth and hospitality treasured by the oldest tradition in the catering field.

July - August, 2023

Casa di Abraham

The Christian-inspired association "La Casa di Abraham" was born with the aim of wanting to change society.
In 2012, a listening center entitled "Don Oreste Benzi" was opened together with the parish of Borsea, where great attention has always been paid to the dignity of man before need.

October, 2023

Personal website

This site collects my experiences in the IT field and is intended as a sort of online curriculum vitae. On the blog I sometimes publish articles of an IT nature.

October, 2023

Capados Milan

Capados is a beautiful shisha club where you can enjoy excellent drinks and eat from an excellent buffet consisting of an infinite number of dishes.

August, 2023

Market Cars represents a start-up car buying and selling project in development.

November, 2023

Blog made with Worpress for the research, selection and sale of cars in Italy.

November, 2023

Pronto Pizza

Simple one page site of a famous takeaway pizzeria with menu and simple pizza ordering system.

Work Experiences

Some Important Work Experiences

From 2006 at Present


Full Stack Web Developer

Even before graduating (2006) I began to be interested in website development.
I still offer my consultancy to a few selected clients regarding the creation of simple landing pages or sites with Wordpress, with advanced solutions for customizing modules and services for the company.

Aprile 2021

Front-End Developer

Website navigation optimization TintoSmart.

For a few days I collaborated for the staff of Inside Comunicazione working on custom CSS implementation and mobile optimization.

March, 2020

Back end Developer

Studio Vatore (RO)

RESTful API development for web app project c/o Studio Vatore.

For a month I contributed to the development of some small functions of the app.

2018 - 2019

SD Service

Php Software Developer

Development of management software written in PHP, based on Postgresql database and responsive xhtml/css/Jquery/ajax web interface optimized for Chrome browser with PWA support.

Company: Sd Service

2008 - 2012

Mediazoom Productions

Web Master and VideoMaker

Creation of splash sites and with Wordpress. Creation and management of company sites. Video montages of a specific television format, commercials and industrial DVDs. Production of commercial spots, creation of DVDs. Full use of Final Cut Studio and Avid.



Senior Coder

Server side application programmer role in php, xml and xhtml. I develop and implement websites and proprietary corporate framework development.

Company: Jiki


My shoots around the world

Photography has been a great passion since I was little.
Thank you dad for making me passionate.
I love photographing people and landscapes.


Nosy Be (Madagascar)

Photo taken in Nosy Be in Madagascar in the island's orphanage



Landscape Madagascar



Temple of Alexander the Great

Portrait of a little girl in the orphanage


Photo taken in Nosy Be in Madagascar in the island's orphanage


Egypt Siwa

Photo taken in Siwa, Egypt

Enrico portrait 2013


My nephew Enrico, 2013

Lorenzo portrait


Photo taken in Zanzibar 2012



Photo taken in Madagascar

Lemur of Nosy Be


Photo of a lemur taken in Madagascar

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